5 Things to Know About Moving to Utah
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5 Things to Know About Moving to Utah

Are you planning on making a move to Utah? That’s totally understandable. Utah, lying on the western side of the U.S, is one of the most beautiful states to live in. It also boasts a high quality of life and a low crime rate. But as you pack your possessions and get ready to move, here are some things to know about moving to Utah.

1. Be prepared for long and hot summers and short and cold winters

Climate and weather are among the top things to know about moving to Utah. Most of Utah has a dry, semi-arid, and desert climate characterized by long and sweltering summers as well as cold and short winters.

Utah lies at the convergence of the Great Basin, the Rocky Mountains, and the Colorado Plateau. It boasts of a diverse topography ranging from deserts to thriving pine forests in the mountains. Indeed, Utah has some of the most well-known resorts in the world owing to the feet of light, fluffy snow often dumped by winter storms.

The western part of the state is an arid desert adorned with small mountain ranges and rugged terrain. The southern part is characterized by canyons, mesas, gullies, buttes, and arches courtesy of the Colorado River and its tributaries.

2. Utahns are the most literate people in the U.S.

Data from the National Adult Literacy Survey shows Utahans are faring much better in terms of literacy skills relative to the rest of the U.S. They also come in 2nd when it comes to financial literacy. That, coupled with low living expenses, and crime rate, makes Utah a top-tier state to live and work in.

3. Utah has a diverse economy

The job market is also among the essential things to know about moving to Utah. The state’s job market is robust, with the economy diversified across three sectors, namely mining, agriculture, and medical. Mining includes coal, petroleum, silver, and gold; agriculture includes corn, wheat, and cattle. There are significant steel manufacturing and tourism jobs available too. The tech industry is also booming in Utah, especially with the so-called “Silicon Slopes” of Salt Lake and Utah counties. 

4. Prepare for different views and attitudes

Another thing to know about moving to Utah is its politics. Utah leans conservatively when it comes to politics throughout most of the state. As with any time you move to a new state, be prepared for views and attitudes that may not be similar to yours. Regardless of political preferences, Utahns are warm and loving people that will welcome you into the state with open arms.

5. Find a good moving company

Well, it wouldn’t be a complete list of things to know about moving to Utah without advice on picking a moving company. Moving from one state to another is no joke. You have to budget, brainstorm how to minimize your luggage, etc. Some people make a move on their own; others rely on moving companies’ services.

If you have to use a moving company, pick a reputable company familiar with interstate moving such as Tru Solutions Moving, especially moving to Utah. You can tell a good moving company by checking customer reviews. Learn more about our company at this link, and be sure to contact us today for all of your moving-related questions and concerns.

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