5 ways to lower your stress while moving
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5 ways to lower your stress while moving

Ah moving, it is everyone’s favorite time in their lives, right? Not usually, and that is because of the stress that it can bring. If you are not very experienced with moving and have many things to move, it can sometimes feel suffocating. As you continue to be involved in multiple moving experiences throughout your life, you will learn many things. You will likely learn how to pack effectively, how to plan logistics, and how to best utilize your money and other resources. But before you can succeed in all these things, stress is something that you will experience while moving.

Moving can be so stressful for a variety of reasons, and we understand. Factors including age and moving experience can really make-or-break your preparation phase and actual moving experience. At Tru Solutions Moving, we have experts that will happily help you wherever you need it. Here are our tips on how to lower stress while moving in order to make it the smoothest experience possible!

Moving tips that will help lower your stress

Do small things first

As your moving deadline approaches, you should plan to get started fairly early. But even if you block some time aside to get moving tasks done, it may be hard to find the motivation to actually complete them. One idea that we have for how to lower stress while moving is to start small and do tasks that can help you get going. Pack up those little knick knacks that clutter up your bedroom or organize and pack your kitchen drawers. Once you have at least started packing a little bit, your motivation may grow more and help you finish the job before moving day.

Manage your time well

When you decide to move, you will likely have already found a place at least a few weeks before you are scheduled to move. Even if you have not found a new place but already know that you are leaving your current residence, you should begin planning when you are going to pack. We suggest beginning to pack at least two weeks to a month before your scheduled moving date. By being proactive and starting this step early, your stress levels will likely lower and you will feel less pressure.

Do not be afraid to ask for or hire help

We understand that asking for help from those close to you may make you feel like a burden, but it is okay to ask. It is likely that most of your family or friends have moved once or more during their lives. Ask them for moving tips because you never know what they could tell you that may help you! If you still would rather not ask family or friends for help, consider hiring Tru Solutions Moving Utah! We can help you succeed with our various moving services.

Prioritize yourself and your needs

We understand that moving takes a lot of time and effort and everyone has different levels of stress that they can handle. No matter how much you are stressed out, you must always prioritize yourself and your needs. We all need things in our lives to keep us feeling normal, whether those are as simple as cooking or going to the gym for a quick workout. If we start to neglect these things while trying to prepare for a moving experience, we may begin to feel down or not like ourselves. Be sure to always make time for yourself and your needs while you are moving. You can do this by starting early enough so that you are not under the gun with a moving deadline.

Do other activities as well, don’t solely focus on moving

One of the best ways that we know about for how to lower stress while moving is to participate in activities that will help manage your stress. Some of these activities include reading, taking a nap, meditating, doing yoga, exercising, sleeping, and visiting a park. These activities will help you take some stress away and get your mind off your impending move. Do not ignore your needs or activities you enjoy because they are extremely important to keep a healthy life balance. Contact us today for more moving tips and to get some help with your move!

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