8 things to look for in a moving company
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8 things to look for in a moving company

The process of moving can be very tedious, stressful, and frustrating. These emotions can be intensified if you attempt to do all the moving by yourself. A solution would be to hire a professional moving company to assist you. However, there are many moving companies in Utah as well as other places, so it may be difficult to find the right one for you. Potentially bad movers can pop up at any time, so that is why it is important to do a thorough search.

There are many important factors that go into choosing the correct moving company for you. Risks are associated with hiring a mover you are unfamiliar with, so it is best to do your homework before hiring. Here are the top 8 things to look for in a moving company before making your choice.


 It is a known fact that moving can become quite expensive very quickly. In fact, the price of the services is one of the top factors that forces people to choose a cheap and low-quality moving service or forgo them altogether. The best practice for deciding on a moving company would be to get at least three quotes from separate companies and then comparing them. This allows you to pick the best option for you. Pay attention to what services are included in your quotes and how long the move is estimated to take. These will become the deciding factors in the end.

At Tru Solutions Moving, we offer specific and detailed quotes for your consideration. We also have a description of our various services available to help ease your decision as a reliable moving company in Utah.

Location of moving company

Another factor you want to carefully look at when considering moving company options is the company’s physical location. A good rule of thumb is to do business with a mover that is based in your local area, especially in a place that you are familiar with. Visiting their office in person is a good idea if you still have your doubts. If the business is solely online, that is not a good idea and has the potential to be a scam. Moving company fraud isn’t the most common type of fraud that you can experience, but it is still devastating during a delicate time for you.


During your initial mover search, it is essential to examine the company’s legitimacy. The company that you choose needs to be licensed and insured in the unfortunate event that your possessions get ruined. If you hire a company that consists of simply a group of people that call themselves movers, you will not have the safety net of insurance in the wake of destruction.

Check resources including the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) to verify a business’ legitimacy if you are wary. Tru Solutions Moving is a fully insured and BBB accredited business. We take care of your move and possessions in the most professional and caring way possible.


After checking for the legitimacy of the moving company, reviews are a good next step. Reviews for Utah moving companies can be found on Google, Yelp, Porch, and even the BBB’s website. These resources allow you to learn from the experiences of other customers and make the correct choice. Reviews will allow you to assess a company’s reliability, trustworthiness, transparency, and much more.

Another option if reviews are unavailable or not detailed enough is the possibility of asking the moving company for references of previous work or letters of recommendation. If a company does not have references, reviews, or letters of recommendation, it may put a red flag up during your search.

Track record of work

When going with a moving company, you may want to go with the cheapest option or a new business to “give them a shot”. This may not be a good idea as newer businesses are often unproven. If you go with one of these companies, you may not find anything to justify your choice with as reviews are often scarce or nonexistent.

The best option for a moving company is one with extensive experience. Tru Solutions Moving has been a moving company in Utah since 2017. We have completed numerous moves for happy customers all over the state. Our service is top notch and you will not be making the wrong choice by going with us as we have completed challenges in various difficult moving scenarios and are well-versed in the industry.

Requirements before the job begins

A big warning for a potential scam is if a moving company asks for a large deposit before a job even begins. If they ask for more than 20% of the estimated cost, consider switching to a different company. Many moving companies will not require payment until the job is complete, so a deposit can be worrisome. Other requirements before the job begins that you must take into consideration are if the moving company must tour your residence and if they set up a specific time to begin the job. Professional behavior is defined by doing exactly what you told your customer that you would do, and if a moving company does not do that, you may want to reconsider another option.   


Good communication on all fronts is key when choosing a moving company to go with. Take note of how a moving company asks when you initially inquire about their services. Do they treat you professionally? Do they show a genuine interest in your situation? If so, they may be a good option. Moving companies should also keep you in the loop as the job is going on. If they run into problems, delays, or if they break something, you should know about it immediately. High-quality communication is a must for a successful move-in.

Tru Solutions Moving is well-known amongst moving companies in Utah because of our constant communication with customers. We pride ourselves on being flexible, understanding, and caring during the entire process of a move.

Specialized services

Finally, it is important to understand what specialized services your selected movers provide. Inquire about these services before you make an appointment as to be sure that they have everything you need to get moved in. Tru Solutions Moving offers residential and commercial moving, loading/unloading, state-to-state moving, logistics and item delivery, junk removal, and cleaning. Read more about our services here and contact us today.

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