Are people moving to Utah? What you need to know
Morning skyline of Salk Lake City Utah

Are people moving to Utah? What you need to know

It’s not a big-name state like New York or California, which may leave you wondering: are people moving to Utah? With a desert climate, marginally high taxation rates, and a Mormon population hovering around 60%, it may be hard to see Utah’s appeal. On closer look though, you’ll instantly understand why there are people moving to Utah.

Are people moving to Utah?

There are several reasons why there are people moving to Utah, including:

1. Comparatively lower housing costs

On paper, Utah has one of the highest average home prices in the US (between $216,000-$302,000). However, that figure is skewed because of the property prices in the capital of the state, Salt Lake City. If you move around to other counties, those prices are twice as low which answers the question of why are people moving to Utah?

2. Low crime rate

Unfortunately due to it being the state’s biggest city, most of the crime happens in Salt Lake City. Fortunately, that does not make it a bad city as it is on the lower end of the nationwide spectrum in regards to violence in large cities. Outside of SLC, other counties experience way lower crime rates. Some counties record 80% lower crime rate than the state crime average. If anything, Utah was the 9th safest state in the US in 2016.

3. The Great Outdoors

One of the biggest draws is the state’s outdoor activities. You can bet there are people moving to Utah to enjoy the national parks, mountains, ravines, and tropical reefs throughout the state. Soak in the beautiful sights of waterfalls, hanging gardens, and sandstone towers. Other fun activities include:

  • Cycling
  • Camping
  • Scuba diving
  • Skiing
  • Backpacking

Moreover, Utah receives about 48 inches of snowfall a year, so winter sports are another big appeal for those looking at moving to Utah.

4. Low cost of living

One of the main reasons why there are people moving to Utah is the low cost of living, yet people earn high incomes. It allows people to enjoy high standards of living on the cheap. Many people find that Utah is cheaper than many larger states, which prompts them to stay longer than they might have otherwise.

5. Infrastructure 

You can easily criss-cross the state using the interconnected highway system. Utah has the largest airport in the West, while the rail system can get you to all the major areas as well. Further, there is a comprehensive FrontRunner commuter rail and an award-winning bus system across much of the state.

6. Great climate

Although it is in a desert, a quick look at the statistics will show you why there are people moving to Utah. The yearly temperature average is a cool 52° F, with warm summers and cold winters, and hardly any extreme temperatures. Utah is a state that experiences all four seasons each year, so be sure to get the proper clothing as you move to the state.

7. Good educational institutions

Utah has some standout schools, such as:

  • Salt Lake Community College-2nd best community college in the US
  • Westminster University-ranked 22nd nationally
  • The University of Utah and Brigham Young University-both top 50 universities

Projections for the future of Utah

The Beehive State is thriving, and employment figures from 2019 show that Utah leads the nation for job growth at 3.6% and 4% in private-sector job growth. USNews ranks Utah 4th out of the 50 states after considering ranking details such as education, economy, infrastructure, opportunity, and healthcare.

That said, Utah expects to see its population grow by 1.5 million through 2050, and 57% of its residents will access their jobs within 30 minutes of their homes. The plan is to have a walkable and livable community with plenty of small businesses like coffee shops and groceries.

To conclude, the state has plenty to offer and it is no wonder there are people moving to Utah. You will find plenty of fun activities like skiing and camping, to the backdrop of tropical reefs and national parks, with good weather year-round. What’s more, Utah has excellent infrastructure, good schools, and affordable healthcare.

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