Biggest packing mistakes while moving: what to avoid
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Biggest packing mistakes while moving: what to avoid

It is finally time to move out of your old home. You have already picked your new home and are busy getting everything ready. You are in a rush while packing, so you just throw things in random boxes. This will work for now; you say to yourself. Nothing will break and you will soon be in your new home. Your movers are already scheduled to come in a few days and you figure that they will finish packing your stuff if you don’t get it done. What could go wrong, right?

Making mistakes while packing for a move are bound to happen. Common causes for the biggest packing mistakes while moving include time crunch, other responsibilities, and general laziness. In order to help you avoid these big packing mistakes, Tru Solutions Moving has some tips for you. Take this into consideration while preparing for your move as they will help everyone involved.

Helpful packing tips

Get the correct materials

If you have any moving experience, you know how important high-quality boxes are to get the job done correctly. Dumpster diving for random cardboard boxes is not the best option, simply because the boxes are weaker and lower quality. You will want to buy sturdier boxes online or from a hardware store. These boxes will be able to absorb shock and better protect your items. Heavy-duty tape should also be purchased as it will securely close and protect your boxes. Try your best to not go cheap on these materials as you may regret it later.

Start packing weeks in advance

Time management is one of the most important principles of a packing job. You cannot realistically expect to pack all your stuff within a short timeframe such as a week or a couple days. Most moving jobs require you to pack weeks in advance, depending on the size of your residence. If you split up your packing and do a little bit every day, you will find that you are less stressed and more prepared. You will also do a better job rather than if you stuff everything in boxes at the last minute.

Consider what you really need to pack

As we live in our homes for many years a lot of the time, we accumulate many items. Some items hold sentimental, practical, or monetary value and we would never get rid of them. But there are also many other items that could be considered clutter. While doing your packing, consider if you really need to take each item with you. By getting rid of unnecessary things, your job will become a lot easier. It may be difficult to trash some things, but it will help you out in the end.

Label all your boxes

Labeling your boxes should be a priority while packing for a move. When you simply write a few words on a box detailing what it contains, you can save yourself a huge headache. Plus, labeling your boxes will help movers determine where to place them in their truck. Once you are at your new home, simply look at your boxes and take out what you need in mere minutes rather than hours if you do not label them.

Have others help you pack

With a job as large as packing everything you own and moving it to another location, there is no shame in asking for help. Many people believe that they can simply do it all in a day and be done, but that normally is not the case. Have your friends or family help you lay the groundwork by gathering your things, cleaning, and organizing as you pack. This will make life easier for you and the movers when the big day arrives.

We can help you

Still stressed about the biggest packing mistakes while moving? Never fear, Tru Solutions Moving is here! We provide exceptional services that will be sure to help lower your stress, including loading, unloading, item delivery, and junk removal. Reach out to us today for a free quote of our services!

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