How to pack effectively for a move
Couple using packing boxes to pack their household items. Man putting items in boxes while a woman applies adhesive tape on the boxes to seal them.

How to pack effectively for a move

The moving experience as a whole is something that not many people enjoy. This is because you have to do so many things to ensure that it goes smoothly. Trying to remember to do all of these things can be the cause of major stress for some. One of the most stressful parts about the entire moving process is packing. This causes a lot of stress because many people do not know how to pack effectively for a move. At Tru Solutions Moving, we are packing and moving experts that are ready to help you. Here are some of your tips on how to pack effectively for a move.

How to pack effectively for a move

Look for the proper supplies

One part of moving that can be stressful if you wait to long to do it is getting all of the supplies that you need. We have all been in a situation where we have so much stuff to pack and do not have enough boxes. To avoid this suggestion, we suggest looking for boxes at local stores or other businesses. It can never hurt to ask if you can have some cardboard boxes for free. As for plastic bins, it is best to get those early so that you can begin packing right away. These boxes are available at grocery and hardware stores for prices ranging from $5-20+ dollars, so consider your budget as you are purchasing them.

Besides boxes, there are a few other pieces of equipment that you will need while you are packing. Some of the most common packing supplies we see used is tape, padding material including bubble wrap, scissors, markers, labels, and newspaper. Gather plenty of these supplies as they will make a world of a difference while you are getting to business.

Pack items by category

If you do not even know where to begin packing your items, a good tip would be to start packing them by category. Do you have a lot of books? Get them all packed up at the same time. Is your toy collection coming along to your new place? Store it away as it will help you eliminate more items faster. Once you have all of your similar items packed away you can decide what you are going to do with your random stuff.

Only pack what you really want to keep

During the lead up to moving day, we have all found items in our home that we no longer want to keep. Depending on the person, these items could outnumber the things you wish to take with you, or they could be a small amount. Regardless of if they are big or small, the time that you are packing for a move is the perfect time to get rid of some stuff! By getting rid of these items, you can easily make your packing experience easier on yourself as well as reduce potential clutter in your future home. Read our blog post on this subject for more insight.

Don’t make boxes too heavy

If you have ever experienced packing a box too full, you know that it is not fun when it is time to put it in the moving truck. While you are packing, we suggest that you do not fill each box to the brim with your items. If you put too many items in a box and it becomes heavy, it can be a safety hazard and potentially cause injury to you or others that are helping you move. Grab a few extra boxes so that you have a backup plan for when your boxes get too heavy.

Allow ample time for packing, loading, and moving

Everyone knows that moving is an extremely time-consuming task. The packing part is the longest by far, but it can be spread out over days, weeks, or even months if your schedule allows. We recommend thinking about your moving plans at least a month before your scheduled moving date. By thinking about these plans much earlier, you will have ample time to complete all of your tasks in the safest and smartest way. If you procrastinate and do not begin packing and making your moving day plans until a week before your moving date, you are likely to make costly or dangerous mistakes. Out of all our tips, this is the one we stand with the most. Give yourself enough time to get everything done!

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