How to successfully complete your move with pets
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How to successfully complete your move with pets

Moving is an activity that has many things to consider. It is a huge undertaking, especially because you are moving literally everything you own out of your home to a completely new place. With that huge amount of stress, you are bound to let a few things slip from your mind here and there. Because they cannot communicate with us in a traditional way, pets are something that can be forgotten about during a moving experience.

No matter what type of pet you have, they will have different needs during a highly stressful moving experience. They will not understand what is going on, so it is best to develop a plan for them during the moving time. At Tru Solutions Moving, we have plenty of experience with customers who have pets. Here are some tips for how to move with pets and make the experience positive for them and yourself.

How to move with pets

Create a moving kit for them

During a time that is hugely stressful, the last thing you will want to do is look for all of your pets essentials and favorite possessions. This is exactly why you should pack a moving kit for them that will sustain their needs for at least one night. Packing ahead will also decrease your and your pet’s stress during a chaotic time. Things that should be included in your pet’s moving kit include food, poop bags, toys, leash, blanket, bowls, and treats. These items will give your pet some familiarity during a confusing time for them.

Keep them with you when leaving

One of the worst things that you can do to your pet during a moving time would be to transport them separately from the people they love. By doing this, you could be putting them under immense stress unknowingly. Keeping your pets with you allows both you and them to have less stress due to constantly worrying about where the other is and how they are doing. Tips for keeping your pets in the car with you when driving to your new home include keeping them in a kennel or secured area in the back of your vehicle. You can also cover their kennel with a blanket in case the change in scenery stresses them out.

Contact your vet before leaving

As with any human members of your family, you should take your pets to their doctor at least once before moving away. By taking your pets to the vet before you move, you will be able to check if they are healthy enough to move. Some animals may suffer from extreme anxiety and stress and you may not know about it until your vet tells you. Luckily, your vet may be able to give your pet some anxiety medicine that may help during your move. Your vet can also recommend a veterinarian in your new area and transfer your files there. This is at the top of our list on how to move with pets and you will definitely want to do it before moving.

Take them around your new residence

After the initial moving out of your old home, the real journey begins. You will have to make sure that you pet has a good experience while being transported to your new home, and also when you get to your new home. One of the first things that you should do with your pet at your new home is let them explore the entire home. By letting them explore their new home, they will begin to become familiar with it much earlier than if they did not have this chance. This should help ease the transition into your new home and hopefully prevent bathroom accidents in your home.

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