Minimalist moving: how it can help you move efficiently

Minimalist moving: how it can help you move efficiently

Most people have a lot of items that are unnecessary in their day-to-day lives. When moving, they tend to do minimalist moving to downsize some of the items. Minimalism is whereby you live and flourish with less material things. Moving with mainly the important stuff that you will actually need makes the transition to your new home smooth and more efficient.

In essence, minimalist moving is all about sticking to valuables and letting go of items that are not essential in your life. So, it’s time that you edit down and get rid of things that are of no purpose. Let’s make your Utah home your sanctuary, and decluttering can play a big part in that.

Minimalist moving tips

Set your goals

This is the best way to justify why you need to hold onto something. You have to set your goals and keep them in mind. Set several concrete goals to keep yourself accountable. You can do this by keeping in mind the number of clothing items or other things that you want to get rid of. For instance, taking an empty box for donations and make it a goal to fill the entire box. This goal will help you feel better about minimizing and do something good for charity.

Setting goals will turn minimalism into a game than a chore; you finally achieve your objectives of carrying fewer items and making your moving transition smoother.

Sort your stuff

Here, we suggest that you set up packing boxes, donation boxes, and a trash can. Take into consideration the items that you can’t thrive without. They hold a significant spot and should obviously be thrown in your packing boxes.

For donations, put them where they belong. If you think an item still holds value and could potential help someone, it is a great idea to include that in your donation boxes. Note that if you can come across items that are beyond repair and cannot be of value to you or the people you donate to, they belong to the trash can.

Sorting out items can be a daunting and very stressful task. In fact, it is one of the least enjoyable parts of moving according to many. You might have some sentimental value to items you don’t use and you may not be ready to let them go. That is okay, and we suggest not stressing over the little things.

Organize your items when packing

After labeling your boxes clearly, begin to pack your items inside. This will help your move go smoother since the movers get to know what belongs where without confusing you when you get to your new home. If your items are not organized, you may find that you have your kitchen items in your bathroom box. That is an annoyance waiting to happen once you reach your new home, so take some time to organize items in a way that makes sense to you.

Don’t keep stuff out of guilt or obligation

As mentioned earlier, some items are sentimental and bring emotional value to your life. They can be gifts from loved ones or friends, or stuff you picked up along the journey that is life. But these items, even if given to you as a gift, do not need to be held onto due to guilt or obligation. Instead, you can donate these gifts if you do not care for them anymore or if they do not bring you any value. In the decluttering process, it is likely that you will come across these items. While getting rid of these may give you a tinge of guilt, you will reap the rewards of minimalistic moving.

To keep these memories while getting rid of the items, you can jot down the memories and emotions about them and then let go. In this way, you can appreciate the gift you were given; you’ll feel like you’re able to honor the friendship and show gratitude for their generosity without storing potentially unnecessary items.

Choose the correct moving vessel 

Minimalist moving allows you to pack very light and take only your essentials. Therefore, the size of the moving vessel you will require varies according to your circumstance. For instance, if you are a childfree couple or a single person, you can use your car or a small U-Haul trailer.

If you have a big family moving from a 3+ bedroom house, a large POD storage system could work for you. Once you have your items stored, it is time to contact a moving company to complete the process.


After you are done cleaning, sorting, downsizing, and decluttering, it is time to look for a moving company to help you get to your new home. Contact Tru Solutions Moving Utah to help with efficient minimalist movingRequest a free quote today with our ALL-NEW moving calculator!

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