Moving to Utah Advice: How to Make a Smooth Transition
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Moving to Utah Advice: How to Make a Smooth Transition

Known for its breathtaking landscapes, high quality of life, low crime, and thriving economy, your decision to move to Utah is definitely the right one. But because moving often involves uprooting yourself, your family, and your possessions, it can be quite a stressful undertaking. However, with preparation and adequate planning, you can pull off a relatively smooth transition to your new city. We’ve put together this helpful guide with some moving to Utah advice from moving companies and Utahns to make your transition easier.

Moving to Utah advice

Stay Organized

Our #1 piece of moving to Utah advice is to stay organized. Moving can be chaotic, and if you don’t stay on top of things, your transition will be much more challenging. Give yourself at least 2-3 months before your move date and get started on a to-do list. Make two lists, one for things you have to do in your current location and another for everything that needs to be done when you get to Utah. Delegate tasks to lessen your workload and get an organizing folder to store important documents such as receipts.

Make Living Arrangements

If you own your home, notify your realtor to sell or rent your old place; if you’re renting, notify the landlord of your upcoming move. By waiting until your moving date, you may lose your security deposit or incur additional charges. Are you going to rent or buy your new home? Either way, make arrangements early on.

If your company offers temporary housing, our moving to Utah advice is to take it. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the area before making a long-term commitment. If you’re moving with children, prepare them for the big move. Get started on school enrollment paperwork and contact their current school to send over records to the new school. We also recommend getting your family’s medical records and transfering any prescriptions to your new city.

Get to Know Your New City

State income taxes, property taxes, and sales taxes may differ in Utah than where you currently live. Our moving to Utah advice is to do your research before you relocate. Apart from taxes, also figure out where you’ll live and check out housing, schools, events, activities, among other things.

Once you arrive, take time to explore and get a feel of the area. Dine at the local restaurant, go to the grocery store, visit a popular attraction, locate a coffee shop, hospital, and other amenities that will help make you feel at home in your new state.

Make Travel and Moving Arrangements

When moving to Utah, it’s advisable to find a moving company and hire them one month before the move, as this can help you get the best rate and availability. If you plan to drive yourself when moving to Utah, we advise you to schedule a service for your vehicle for maintenance and inspection. This will help ensure your trip is uneventful and safe. If you have pets that require careful handling, organize their transportation. On moving week, contact your moving company to confirm the arrangements.

Pack Strategically

Moving is an excellent opportunity to declutter and downsize. Get rid of disused items by selling or donating. You may save money on moving costs, especially if your move is based on weight or volume. Our moving to Utah advice is to pack in an organized manner, labeling every box by room to make unpacking much easier. Pack a box with your essentials such as toiletries, clothing, snacks, prescriptions, and meds for the first 48 hours in your new home.

Check Your Insurance & Set up New Services

Check if your renter’s insurance or homeowner’s insurance provides moving insurance. If it doesn’t, consider getting a full-value policy from your moving company. This moving to Utah advice is vital as you’ll have peace of mind knowing your valuable belongings are insured. Schedule for services and utilities to be disconnected in your old home the day after your move. Arrange for new services to be activated in your new home by the time you arrive.


While it can be difficult to leave your old home, moving to Utah is going to be an enjoyable adventure. There’s a lot to love about the Beehive State. These pieces of advice on moving to Utah will help ease your transition. If you’re relocating to Utah, we can make your move a more memorable and pleasant experience. Contact us today and let us make your transition seamless and enjoyable.

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