Things movers won’t move: helpful tips for your moving preparation

Things movers won’t move: helpful tips for your moving preparation

As you are getting your home full of items ready for moving day, it is important to realize that many moving companies will not move certain items. The main reason they will not move certain items is simply out of an abundance of caution for you, your belongings, themselves, and their equipment. Some items are not worth moving because they are dangerous. If you have no idea what items you should not expect to move, look no further than this blog post. Here are some items that you should not pack when preparing for your moving day.

Things movers won’t move

Hazardous materials

Hazardous materials are the biggest no-no in the moving industry. The reason for this is because there are so many different types out there. You may have materials that are considered hazardous and not even know it. Some obvious and not so obvious hazardous materials that movers won’t move include cleaning chemicals, paint, batteries, lighter fluid, oxygen tanks, fireworks, nail polish remover, and more. This is only a few of the things movers won’t move. For a more specific list, be sure to contact your moving company before you begin packing. It will help you a lot in the long run.


Movers will not move my house plants? Yeah, you read that right. Strangely enough, there are certain laws that limit how far you can transport plants. If you are moving across the same city, you should be okay to have your plants moved but it gets trickier the further you are moving. According to Gardening Know How, it is illegal to move certain types of plants, including exotics, across state lines. This is because many non-native plants may contain insects or fungi that are considered invasive in some areas. Also, if a non-native plant must be planted outdoors, there is no telling if the plant itself could become invasive for your new area. As sad as it is, it is best to donate your leafy friends to someone in your current area rather than risk taking them with you.


Many people view their pets as part of their family, so they should not be placed inside a moving truck. Pets are high on the list of things movers won’t move because it is unsafe, no matter how well-behaved or friendly they are. The risk is too high, and your pets do not deserve to be put in a moving truck. No matter what type of animal it is, no movers will allow them to be placed inside their truck. The temperatures reach unsafe levels very quickly and it is never worth the risk. If you cannot take your pet with you, look for a moving company that specifically moves pets.

Perishable items

Anyone who thinks shipping perishable items such as eggs, milk, meat, bread, and more is a good idea should probably rethink that. In fact, most moving companies will not move these items due to the risk of a huge mess. Insects are another problem that may come from moving perishables: your other items could potentially become infested if you move these items. Even though movers will not move perishables, they may be able to move nonperishables. It is best to ask them rather than assume they will. You will save a lot of time packing in the end if you simply as before doing so!


Here is some advice: do not place your valuable items or documents in a moving truck. Although movers try their best to keep all of your possessions safe, there is always a chance of something happening to them. Rather then putting them on a moving truck, you should always keep these items with you. Personal items that should not go on the moving truck include important documents, credit cards, cash, photobooks, heirlooms, jewelry, and other irreplaceable items.

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