Things to avoid when looking for a moving company
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Things to avoid when looking for a moving company

The moving industry, like many others, has their fair share of bad apples. You have probably heard the moving horror stories of movers breaking your stuff, stealing items, or being extremely rude to customers. These stories are very discouraging for us at Tru Solutions Moving as a company that only hires stand-up professionals in all aspects of the industry. That is exactly why we want to give you a list of things to avoid when hiring a moving company. You could consider this a list of “red flags” that should help you immediately drop a moving company from consideration for your job.

Things to avoid when looking for a moving company

Getting quotes from too few companies

Each company is different, and that means you should thoroughly assess each moving company’s website before contacting them. Make sure they offer the services that you will need and get a quote beforehand. It is best to get a quote from at least three different companies so you can compare and get the best bang for your buck. Moving can be a very tricky endeavor, so always conduct that extensive research.

Uninsured/licensed companies

One of the first things that you should do when researching moving companies is confirm that they have insurance and a business license. If a moving company does not have either of these, there is a high chance that they are trying to scam people. Not everyone can be an actual moving company, so it is best to go with one that will protect your belongings in the event that they get damaged. Checking these few simple things will give you peace of mind and the reassurance that your things will be safe in someone else’s hands.

Movers that do not visit your home before the moving date

This one is fairly obvious. When you are hiring someone for a service, especially one as huge as moving, it is preferable that you have them visit the area that they’ll be moving. This will give them an idea of what equipment they need, how long the job will take, and it will make you feel confident because you’ve already met them. If a moving company does not offer to come visit your residence before the actual job, that may be a good sign of a shady company that you may not want to be involved with.

Companies that are not clear on prices/fees

While you are getting quotes for moving services, make sure you are aware of all the attached fees. A company that does not list out everything they will charge you may take the liberty of raising those fees. You should ask for a detailed list of the total charges, so you know if the company is charging you legit fees. Some companies may charge fees for the length of their drive to and from your residence, the parking situation of your residence, if you have many rooms, and more. These can add up and make a move very expensive.

Companies with multiple negative or overly positive reviews

Many companies, especially smaller ones that are just starting, are desperate for reviews. They will do almost anything to make their reviews look as positive as possible. However, sometimes it is very hard to take away many negative reviews. Be sure to read through these reviews before making your decision but be cautious of overly positive reviews. Some companies are known to buy fake positive reviews from customers or random people that haven’t even worked with them.

Work with us

After reading through these things to avoid when looking for a moving company, we hope you are more informed on potential obstacles. While considering moving companies, be sure to consider Tru Solutions Moving. We offer various services with only necessary fees attached. We’re known for being a high-quality moving service that always conducts the moving experience in the most professional manner. Contact us today for a quote on our services!

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