What to do if your moving company is late

What to do if your moving company is late

Moving day is a day that can be considered stressful for many people. The whole process takes so much energy and planning, especially if your situation is unique. However, it’s essential to ensure all plans are in place for a smooth moving process. Even with the most effective strategies planned out, some kinks can pop up and we should deal with them quickly. For instance, there is a chance that your moving company is late for your move.

Most professional moving companies give their clients multiple reasons for lateness and try to make up for it in any way that they can. This lateness can really throw a wrench in all your moving plans. It is important to understand that movers are humans and it is possible that outside delays and detours could make them late. For example, the moving truck might have run out of gas, they had a medical emergency, the weather might have interfered, and many others that could pop up.

Despite all the potential problems that might cause your movers to arrive late, the best step idea is to evaluate the situation and check out our tips. Here are a few tips on what you should do when a moving company is late.

Call your moving company

Regardless of the many reasons for potential lateness, take a step forward and reach out to the head office of the moving company that you hired. It is always good to get the information you need regarding your move from the leaders of the company. You might find out that they’re not aware of the delays and they can help you get in contact with the movers that are going to help you out.

Therefore, do not hesitate to pick that phone and make a call. Otherwise, there is a chance that your moving plans can be further tarnished by more delays. Whatever information you can get from the moving company will help you think of what to do next. In cases where they fail to pick up your call after multiple attempts, you can either look for same-day movers or wait a few more minutes to see if they will get back to you.

Remain calm

During a stressful situation such as a delayed move, remaining calm is easier said than done. However, this is the best thing to do to avoid more problems. Try your best to take a deep breath and count to ten. This will help you calm down and relieve the stress of not knowing why your moving company is late.

Getting frantic will not change the situation; in fact, it could cause it to become worse. Calmness will help you move forward and get the answers you are looking for. Anything that triggers anxiety and stress ends up being detrimental to your health, so be careful about risking your health just for information about your movers being late.

Check your moving contract

Another step to take when a moving company is late is to check on the contract you have with the company. This will help you confirm what time the movers were supposed to show up and help you figure out how late they actually are. This can clear up any potential mistakes that you have made, such as not being sure when they are actually supposed to arrive. Believe it or not, this mistake is common due to the stress that moving experiences can cause.

You should always keep the contract close for easy access in case of such confusion. While checking the time given on the contract, you might come across a window listed rather than a given time. This means that movers will likely arrive within the time frame listed on your contract.

Call another company

In case no one is answering your calls, you can continue trying throughout the day or until you lose patience. Failing to reach your company can be nerve-wracking; it might mean that they are not legitimate, trustworthy, or licensed. Therefore, you should always do thorough research before contracting a company for moving services.

Searching and asking for referrals is the best way to know a company’s legitimacy. Also, check on online reviews. If you are fed up with the moving company that is late, you should look for another moving company that does same-day moves. This should be a last resort due to how costly this option can get.

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