What to do while movers are moving
Stack of cardboard boxes in living room at new house on moving day

What to do while movers are moving

So you have finally hired a moving company after taking the tips from our previous blog posts into account. Your moving day has arrived, and the movers just showed up, but you are unsure what you are supposed to do. Are you supposed to stand around while they move everything, are you supposed to leave the house, or are you supposed to help them? We have all been in a situation like this, so that is why we wanted to give you some helpful tips of what to do while movers are moving.

What to do while movers are moving

Make sure everything is fully packed (especially fragile/personal items)

The first, and possibly most important, tip for what to do while movers are moving is to make sure your fragile and personal items are packed carefully. Moving companies including Tru Solutions Moving have the utmost respect for your belongings and will never intentionally break them, but we understand that there are some things you may not want us to touch. It is advisable to have these packed before the movers arrive or shortly after, so they have as much space as possible to move your stuff. You can have your movers back these special items in the truck for you or you can have them packed into your car.

Be a good host

Moving is without a doubt a tough job that is very physical. This means that it is a good idea to provide snacks and drinks for movers when they need a break. People work better after having a snack to get reenergized, so provide healthy things for your movers to munch on. It is also advisable to offer your bathroom to movers when they need it. Air conditioning/heating is also a good idea depending on the conditions outside. No one enjoys being extremely cold or hot as they are performing physical labor. These simple gestures will make you a good host for your movers and make it a positive experience for everyone.

Clean your home

If you are stuck and feel like you are doing nothing while the movers are moving your belongings, you can clean your home! If you clean your home as things are getting moved out, you can have it done by the time all your stuff is removed. Another good idea would be to visit your new home and clean it before your possessions arrive. This will make the experience easier for everyone involved by giving you a clean home and the movers a clean place to conduct their work in.

Keep children and pets out of the way

This is a big one without a doubt. Moving is a physical job that takes up a lot of space, and sometimes accidents happen. Movers want to avoid and injuries to themselves or your family members, so it is best to keep pets and children in a different room or location altogether. We recommend keeping your pets in a labeled room that movers do not have to access. Children should be set up with something to keep them distracted and safe for everyone’s convenience.

Stick around

When you have movers work on your home, you must realize that they do not know everything about your stuff, your old home, or your new home. This is exactly why it is best to stick around and make yourself a resource to the movers. Make yourself available if they have any questions about your possessions or your home and how you want them to do the job. A moving job can be considered a partnership because both parties are working towards the same goal: getting your stuff to your new residence safely and effectively.

Let us help you

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