What to tell a moving company when contacting them
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What to tell a moving company when contacting them

So, you have finally decided to hire a moving company after learning when you should call one. You have realized that these professionals will make your life a lot easier, but you are still nervous. This is your first time and you are unaware of what to tell a moving company to get the process started. Fortunately, Tru Solutions Moving is filled with experts that can assist you with all your moving needs.

Moving is something that you must be very specific with so that the best job is done for you and you get your money’s worth. Here are some things that you should have ready for a moving company before you contact them. These items will help the process go smoother and prevent headaches on both sides of the move.


Your budget should be at the top of the list of things you need to talk to a moving company about. By giving them a good idea of your budget, they can give you a more accurate quote and recommend the services that you can afford. Most moving companies will work with you as much as they can in terms of price while also trying to make a respectable amount for their services. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to your budget, so bring it up early with your moving company.

Services needed

Even if you have never used a moving company before, you can check their different websites to see what services they offer. You should have an idea of what services you would like when you originally contact a company. This will make the process easier for both parties and you will get the services that you are expecting.

Moving date

The date that you are moving out of your current residence and the date that you are moving into your new residence are essential information to tell a moving company. You should tell them this immediately, so they know if they are available on the days that you need them as well as how many hours to block out for you. This is essential and will improve the quality of the experience for you.

Logistics of move

Where are you moving? How far is it from your current residence? How long does it take to go back and forth between them? These are all questions that you should answer and be prepared to talk to your moving company about. With this information, your moving company will personalize your move and make it work for you in the best way possible.

Number of rooms

Is your house small, medium, or large? What different rooms do you have? How big are these rooms? This information will help your movers understand the project as a whole and allow them to bring the correct equipment. You should also fill them in on the layout of your house. By knowing your layout, they can plan the best way to move all of your belongings and keep them safe from any accidents.

Content of rooms

Some people have more furniture than others, but either way furniture can be a pain to move. It is best to let your movers know what types of furniture you will be taking with you in advance. You can even take pictures of your rooms and send them to the moving company before your moving date so they can plan it out.

A stress-free experience

By having all this information ready for your moving company before they begin the job, it will be done much more effectively. You will save yourself time, money, and stress while also meeting some friendly professionals and working with them. We hope these tips of what to tell a moving company have helped you out, but if not please contact us at customersupport@trusolutionsutahmoving.com or 801-657-3586 for more tips and guidance for your next move!

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