What you should keep with you on moving day

What you should keep with you on moving day

The moment you have been waiting for has arrived: moving day! This day can be very stressful, but not if you have done a great job of preparing for it. If you have all of the necessary materials including boxes, tape, movers, and much more, the process will go very smoothly. Nothing will stop you on this day if you prepare correctly. Imagine that everything is pretty much packed up in your home besides the last few items. You have heard many people say that you should pack a special box or bag of items that you should keep with you. At Tru Solutions Moving, we highly recommend this practice of creating a special box of things to keep with you on moving day. Here are some of those things that should be included in your moving day box.

Things to keep with you on moving day

Basic tools

When getting to your new home, you will certainly need some basic tools to begin the unpacking process. It is a good idea to pack things such as screwdrivers, wrenches, scissors, measuring tape, markers, rulers, and more. These items will help you with anything that you may have to do during your first few days of unpacking and settling into your new residence. You may also want to pack a boxcutter or two because this will help speed up the unpacking process!

Cleaning supplies and toiletries

This one should be quite obvious for a multitude of reasons. When you are ready to rest after a long day of unpacking, you will want to have your toothbrush readily available. It does not help if your toothbrush is in another box that you have not unpacked yet. Items such as toothpaste, shampoo, towels, toilet paper, and cleaning supplies should be on your list of things to keep with you on moving day. If you have these things with you when you move-in, you will save the annoyance of going to the store to buy new ones or unpacking them from a random box.

Personal items

While moving, some things can get lost in the transition. This can be through no fault of your own, it just happens sometimes. But there are some things that you must be absolutely sure not to lose, including important paperwork and other personal items. Paperwork including birth certificates, social security cards, financial records, passports, and many more should be packed in your box of things to keep with you on moving day. It is not worth the risk of potentially losing or misplacing them by packing them in other random boxes.


Who doesn’t love snacks, especially on moving day? It is a fact that you are going to get hungry and want something to eat. This is exactly why you should pack snacks including granola bars, fruit, veggies, nuts, soup, and more. Things that are easy to prepare will be your best friend during your moving adventure. And plus, everyone involved in the moving experience will enjoy them too.

Prescriptions and medicine

Prescriptions and medicine must be packed in your essentials box so that you can continue to function normally throughout moving day. We understand that the entire moving experience can be very stressful, and you may forget some things, so we recommend packing these into your essentials box as soon as you are done with them for the day. That way you will know exactly where they are when you need them the next day.

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