Where to get moving supplies in Utah
cardboard box with folders and office supplies in floor during relocation

Where to get moving supplies in Utah

While relocating to a new place sounds exciting, it can be very stressful and costly. One needs to pack all items before leaving, which requires a set of boxes that costs around $2 each. Still, you might need to pay for moving services or some storage units.

One expense that you can cut on is the moving boxes. Since over 90% of the USA’s shipments come in corrugated boxes, it’s easy to source free packaging from your local community or online marketplace. You will only need to buy a few special boxes to pack your TV or mirrors. Here are several ways in which you can get moving supplies Utah.

Liquor Stores

The best places to get free moving supplies in Utah is from your nearby wines or liquor store. They often have a huge pile of boxes since they receive vast shipments every month. Visit the wine store in downtown Salt Lake City as they usually pile up the cartons near a dumpster. Others place the boxes outside near the backdoors, so be sure to check there.

Such packages are extremely sturdy and durable due to their ability to carry glass bottles. You will find smaller cartons to pack your books, DVDs, or CDs. You can even find some wine boxes with inserts to pack delicate items.

Book Stores and Offices

You can also get moving supplies in Utah from your local university or college book stores. They receive numerous boxes, and you can get sturdy enough packaging considering how flimsy books are. Additionally, with papers being delivered to workplaces every day, you should expect to find several cartons lying around. If you work in big offices, it’s another amazing place to get moving supplies.


Starbucks receives around two shipments each week for coffee, machines, creams, and flavoring. Hence, they have a wide range of boxes of different sizes. You are sure to find moving supplies Utah for both lighter and heavier items.

Grocery Stores

Local grocery stores are another ideal place to get moving supplies Utah. Most of them receive daily packages for fresh products. You can let the manager know that you are planning to move soon and that you need to borrow the extra cartons. Bananas and apple boxes make good packaging for fragile items.

Fast Food Restaurants

Restaurants like McDonald’s receive their food frozen in sturdy cardboard boxes, making for perfect moving supplies in Utah. The cartons are strong enough to carry heavy items. The best time to pick up the boxes is between breakfast and lunchtime before they get discarded or stuffed with other things. They even have a Facebook page for McDonald’s fry boxes.

U-Haul Box Exchange

You can purchase brand new moving supplies Utah from U-Haul, but they also have locations where they allow their clients to leave used boxes for others to use freely. You can visit such places and ask the manager whether they have free packages. Also, by entering your location at the site, you might find someone near you who just moved and is giving out their cartons. You can also purchase other items from U-Haul like;

  • Moving kits
  • Lock
  • Duct tapes
  • Covers and bags

They have an extensive list of free item sections where you can easily get moving supplies in Utah. You will have several options to consider. Try your luck at the start of the week, just after most people have moved and settled.


The above guide outlines a few places you can find moving supplies in Utah. Remember to ask for permission before taking the cartons. Call early enough and request the person in charge to set aside boxes for you. Also, avoid those that are in bad conditions. Contact us today to book your move! We would be happy to help you out.

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