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Welcome to the amazing city of Provo, Utah! The city is located 43 miles south of Utah’s capital Salt Lake City. Provo has many unique things of its own and Tru Solutions Moving is excited to bring your unique life to your new residence. As the most dependable, personable, and reliable Provo moving company, Tru Solutions Moving will take the frustration and stress out of your moving experience. Provo is a quickly growing city with a population of 117,000, so now is the perfect time to move in.  

Taking the stress out of moving

Here at Tru Solutions Moving, we understand that moving can be difficult, infuriating, and stressful. Luckily, we lower these frustrations with our combination of customer service, passion, and understanding. Tru Solutions Moving offers various services including item delivery, state-to-state moving, residential and commercial moving, junk removal, and more. These helpful options are explained in detail on our services page.  

Helpful information

Another challenge that moving brings is finding gas, power, and internet providers. In Provo, gas is provided by Dominion Energy. You can utilize their website to set up your account, pay your bill, manage gas use, and learn more. Provo City Power is the city’s designated power provider and you can find them at To set up your power account, you will need to call 801-852-6000.

Internet is an important resource for life in Provo. The city houses many great internet options including Google Fiber, Veracity Networks, CenturyLink, and US Dish. Availability of these providers may depend on location.

Activities in Provo

Once you are settled into your new Provo residence via the most dependable Provo moving company, exploring what the city has to offer is a must. Provo is located along the Wasatch Front, making it another prime Utah location for hikes, skiing, and other outdoor activities. Outdoor attractions in Provo include Bridal Veil Falls, Provo River, Utah Lake, Provo Peak, and Timpanogos Cave National Monument. Each of these locations is easily accessible from the city.

In addition to outdoors activities, Provo has interesting things to do in the city itself. The city was settled in 1849, meaning that there is a lot of history to explore. You can visit the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum, Brigham Young University’s Museum of Paleontology, Crandall Historical Printing Museum, and many more. Provo also houses over 100 different restaurants, two malls, and multiple universities and colleges.    

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Tru Solutions Moving is eager to bring your life to Provo, Utah! Call us at 844-844-2180, look at our options online, and get your free quote on our site to get this process started. As the most dependable and reasonable Provo moving company, we will get you moved in effectively and efficiently.



I highly recommend Tru Solution's L.L.C. All of the staff members are extremely professional, have excellent communication skills, and provide great service. I wouldn’t choose any other Moving Company.
Riley Jones
Provo Resident

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